Grant programs


Priority Axis OP EIC: PO-1 “Development of research and development for innovation”

The number of the subsidy contract is CZ.01.1.02 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 17_170 / 0015202


The subject of the project is the innovation of the production process with a direct impact on product innovation. Specifically, it is the introduction into serial production of a new process of application of surface treatment (key innovation) with a direct impact on the parameters of the product – surface treatment (accompanying innovation).

Process innovation consists mainly in a new production process for the application of surface treatment. It is newly built on rthe robotic burning of input parts, their special cleaning with CO2 and the use of the function to increase the surface tension to the required 38mN / m for better application and adhesion of the protective surface layer. At the same time, the new process as a whole is comprehensively robotized (direct link to Industry 4.0). It enables continuous regulation of all production steps and thus ensures maximum stability of the entire process with positive effects on the parameters of the new product.

The new product (accompanying innovation) is a new surface treatment of exterior and interior parts that meets the most demanding requirements of customers in the automotive industry. The surface treatment has significantly better parameters than what the company can provide without this innovation.

It is the result of our own research and development in cooperation with partners. The new solution was developed by the company’s employees and is based on the results of long-term cooperation with the Technical University of Liberec, Department of Chemistry, FP TUL. It is also about using the results of a potential supplier of technical solutions and its own development center – Galatek a.s.


Increasing competitiveness and increasing turnover and other economic indicators.