Automatic paint shop

The automated painting line of the “Plazy” operation on an area of 4 000 m2 rovides painting of plastics. It is mainly equipped for large-volume projects. The operation is completely new, built on the most modern robotic painting technologies available on the market with maximum emphasis on ecology.

The actual painting technology was supplemented by a VOC thermal disposal device, a cooling source for the supply air cooling system and a compressor room. The integrated control system and its functionality is designed according to current trends in industrial automation and the requirements of “Industry 4.0”. Overall, the new Plazy automatic line is ready to meet the requirements and standards of end customers.


  • area about 4000m2
  • Power & Free conveyor system
  • software monitoring of processes and set parameters of the paint shop
  • robotic cleaning and degreasing of parts in the form of dry ice CO2
  • robotic flaming
  • robotic application of water-soluble materials
  • robotic application of the top layer with solvent materials
  • paint shop capacity – 2,500,000 + / year