Code of ethics

NEONLAK spol. s r.o. (hereinafter referred to as NEONLAK or the Company) declares that it will adhere to this Code of Ethics, which represents the principles of modern, dynamic, honest and responsible business.


  • define the basic principles of the company’s operation
  • determine standards and values ​​of behavior for all employees and employees of the company, including its suppliers
  • to eliminate such activities of employees and employees of the company that could have a negative impact on the good name of NEONLAK spol. s r.o., clients or suppliers
  • motivate all employees to behave ethically, because these rules are the same for everyone
  • apply a professional, responsible and responsive approach to all its customers in order to meet their requirements in terms of these ethical standards



All employees of the company, including its management, are responsible for their actions, decisions and selected procedures at work. They are fully aware of their individual competencies, which are included in their work, and adhere to the rules of business ethics and pay attention to their professional honor. The company gains a good reputation with a long-standing reputation for integrity and competence. Each employee takes care of the good name of the company, protection of its interests and is committed to:

  • protect intellectual property, trade secrets and all information about customers, their requirements and work procedures, the so-called know-how of the company
  • observe the quality and accuracy of the services
  • provided comply with contractual obligations
  • to protect the material wealth of the company as well as the professionalism of persons representing a legal entity


The company hereby undertakes to create a work environment in which each employee is treated with respect and dignity. In this way, we want to support the personal growth of employees, their education, the use of new technologies for work and create a pleasant working environment for everyone. All relations within the company, ie relations with employees, between employees as well as relations between superiors and subordinates, should enjoy mutual trust enabling the barrier-free exchange of information, regardless of job positions. Any use of harsh words, finger-pointing, humiliation, discrimination, violence, mental or physical harassment is prohibited. Every employee should prevent conflicts in the workplace. However, if a conflict arises, each side should contribute to its resolution in a cultured and helpful manner. During the performance of work activities, employees come into contact with important, often confidential information of the company, but also of its clients, as well as with information about the financial or business situation of clients. Therefore, employees treat information with due professionalism, care and absolute discretion is required when dealing with third parties. The company is also committed to preventing and preventing discrimination. It is assumed that the company’s employees will be citizens of different countries, so we support cultural diversity and building an international team. The Company does not tolerate any form of forced, coerced or child labor and will not perform or compel any employee to act in violation of these rules.


  • responsibility and trust,
  • professionalism and qualification in solving assigned tasks
  • loyalty to the company and the customer
  • creativity and independence in solving tasks
  • efficiency and effectiveness, ie doing the right things in the right way


Our goal is to build long-term business relationships based on mutual trust, honesty, fair approach and satisfying the needs and interests of our customers. The company always acts politely, honestly and responsibly in relation to clients, potential clients and business partners. It does not prioritize the interests of one client over the interests of another client and adheres to the principle of equal treatment. It provides clients with true, correct, up-to-date and complete information about the services offered and does not use unfair business practices that could harm the customer in any way. The company makes sure that the wishes and requirements of the client are satisfied and makes every effort to find a mutually beneficial solution. Our goal is quality, fast and well-organized work for the client. All information concerning the company, its clients and business partners is considered confidential without the possibility of providing it to a third party. The company will not abuse its market position and undertakes to create a level playing field for all business partners and to comply with the terms of the contracts – while expecting the same attitude and behavior from its contractual partners.


The company is convinced of fair and open competition in the global market, and therefore respects the laws governing competitive relations. He treats the competition honestly, in accordance with the good morals of the competition and in the interest of the good name of the whole industry. It respects the good name of the competition, while treating all competitors as equal partners. In any contact with the competition, employees are obliged to proceed with due care in order to prevent violations of the law. In particular, the company’s employees must not disseminate information about the company’s market share, business strategy and other internal matters, and must not engage in any activities that could violate antitrust laws. When promoting the services offered, the company uses true and comprehensive information so that the client can always make a decision based on the facts.


The company and its employees undertake to take care of the environment in all their activities. Employees are obliged to immediately notify the company’s management of any activities of the company, employees or third parties that endanger the environment.


The company undertakes to respect the legislative rules, standards and laws of the Czech Republic and ensures the transparency of transactions. The company also undertakes to act as a responsible entity in relation to the state, the region and society as a whole and to provide them with truthful and timely information.


The company undertakes to maintain a functional internal reporting system for reporting inappropriate behavior or fraud in accordance with Article 8 of EU Policy No. 2019/1937. The issue of Whistleblowing is regulated in the employer’s internal regulation HR 11 NL. The company also undertakes to ensure the safety of whistleblowers, enabling them to report anonymously. The company perceives the preventive effect and, by introducing an internal reporting system, tries to deter people from illegal or unfair behavior.


The Code of Ethics is a company document of strategic importance, it is a set of ethical principles, standards and rules that are binding for every employee of the company, regardless of the function he performs, as well as for all who act on behalf of the company. The code of ethics is based on ethical principles, responsibility, respect for human dignity, honesty, tolerance. Every employee should behave in such a way as to avoid violating the Code of Ethics. Any employee who is aware of a breach of the Code of Ethics is required to report it to a line manager or ethics officer. Anyone who reports a violation of the Code of Ethics will not be sanctioned in any way. In case of any ambiguity regarding the Code of Ethics, each employee has the right to ask for an explanation. 


In Mladá Boleslav 10/07/2022