Manual painting

The crucial program of our company is manual paint application. Due to our long-term experience, we managed to create our unique know-how. Manual method of painting is ideal for parts of complex shapes or larger dimensions due to the possibility to make individual adjustment of the application or the worker’s routine. Thus, we can provide surface finish of parts of various shapes and materials (plastic, metal, laminates etc.).

The utilised materials, water or solvent soluble, are applied in painting booths by well-trained and professional staff. The painting technology is a kind of “alchemy” and we approach it as such. In cooperation with our suppliers as well as customers, we strive to find out the ideal paint application system for the given base material as they often vary in physical properties and each is slightly different.

We utilise materials manufactured by BASF, WÖRWAG, PPG, DUPONT, BERGER LACKE, WECKERLE, PETER LACKE, BERLAC GROUP and others.